The launch of the project is occurring on the 9 May. Following the launch the Project Team will deliver the peer education program to local agencies who in turn will deliver to families. In addition, we will implement a social media campaign to reach the wider community. We will research the impact and effectiveness of these strategies in July and August 2022. A final report on the outcomes will be available on this site.
But this is only the beginning!  
What has been apparent during the development stage is the importance of knowing about the impact of the First 2000 Days on a child's life and their future health and well being.  Here in the Illawarra but more widely. Working together we can make this happen.
So imagine what we could accomplish if we used Rotary's network and ability to connect people in communities?
Rotary is made up of 1.4 million people, 46,000 clubs in over 150 counties. A new Rotary Club is established somewhere in the world every 12 hours! So let's do it-form a First 2000 Days Cause Based Rotary eClub.

An information evening will be held on the 23 June at 6pm at the BlueScope Visitors Centre, Springhill Road Wollongong.  To book  or scan the code.